Opus MC3
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Wing Span: 74.5"
Wing Foil: RG14
Length : 42.5"
Tail : V - Tail
Config : Ailerons, Flaps, Rudervators
Weight : 80-140+oz

cg:               2 5/8ths

Elevator:    1/4" Up
Ailerons:    1/4" Up 1/8" Dn
Rudder:      1/4"
Rudder:      1/4"

Crow Settings
Ailerons:   +30%
Flaps :        -50%
Elevator:    -15%

Snap Flap:    1/16"
Camber:       1/16"

The Opus MC3 is one of the latest and fastest high performance Dynamic Soaring slope gliders. With it's all molded pre-finish fuselage , wings, and tail you will find yourself in the air flying in no time at all. The Opus has a wide flight envelope, capable of both standard slope up thru racing and to the high stress world of dynamic soaring. You will not find any better finish on another commercial glider , the finish is pre painted in the molds giving you the flawless finish you expect from a high end molded sail plane.  Often new pilots talk about how stable and well the Opus flys at fast DS speeds. Check out the T tail version of this plane, the OPUS MCT.