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The Crossfire is distributed by SkipMillerModels.   Before it came into the spotlight, Skip was thrilled and excited to receive one of the first Crossfires hand delivered by none other than Philip Kolb in Cypress earlier that year.  He assembled, test flew, and enjoyed the broad range of F3B characteristics it demonstrated.  It is also very elegant in design.  The Crossfire is an amazing leap in production and technology making it possible for all pilots to own what only a few "team" members had access to in the past.  Typically this design performance was limited to very controlled teams in Europe.  If you were lucky to be a friend and a strong pilot, you might receive a competitive F3B model!  Designed by Stefan Eder and his design group in Germany, it was to become an "all around model for everyone.  Joe Wurts enjoyed the model as well; DS-ing it often in Parker, California as well as the World Championships that same year. It was blistering fast on the speed course, superb in distance, and much better in the 10 minute duration task than anticipated.  Optimized for launch, speed, and distance, that year the CROSSFIRE won the F3B world championship.

The model has exceptional fit and finish, and assembly is easy due to the construction and setup CD provided with the purchase of every model.

The Crossfire will satisfy all your needs in competition as well as recreational soaring.  In F3J, it has become the standard of ease flying in medium to high winds.  In F3F, it is a rocket if you take the time to learn its "yank and bank" characteristics.  In light DS-ing, it is just plain fun.  And in F3B...well, it's the World Champion...need I say more?