Welcome to RCSpeeds.com, this site is designed to serve pilots who strive to fly radio control models fast. The site will recognize your achievements in Dynamic Soaring.  RCSpeeds lists all Dynamic Soaring speed records, dates, planes and locations for any pilot who wants his speeds posted.  It will establish your speeds, the planes and locations flown and compile this data in such a way to be useful and interesting. For the competitive Dynamic Soaring enthusiast, speed records, date, location and pilot data can be found for each recorded speed. The site has many pictures, videos, descriptions and links to all Dynamic Soaring models from world record speed holders to home made specialty planes.


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See the speeds others attain, answer the question: "What is the fastest RC aircraft in the world?". Find the hill that produces the fastest speeds, is close and will work for you. Like never before has this information been so readily available. Browse the site, look at the pictures, read the commentaries, and look at the faces of people that are part of this community.