RCSpeeds, currently, posts speeds that are measured using Radar guns only. Radar guns clock speed precisely, and give Dynamic Soaring enthusiasts the ability to determine from a distance the speeds of their models accurately. They are consistent and highly accurate.  In fact when multiple guns track the same plane they display speeds within a few miles per hour of each other and if the gunners are standing next to each other commonly display the exact same speed. Most guns work for a large range of speeds. All the guns are easy to use. Just point and shoot. Pull a trigger or press a button, read out from a clear easy to read display, and provide pilots with accurate real-time Dynamic Soaring speeds.

A radar gun is a small Doppler unit used to detect the speed of moving objects, including automobiles, aircraft, boats, baseballs, runners model aircraft and for us Dynamic Soaring models. A radar speed gun measures the speed of objects at which it is pointed by detecting a change in frequency of the returned radar signal due to Doppler effect. Modern radar speed guns normally operate at X (8 to 12 GHz), K (18 to 26.5 GHz), Ka (26.5 to 40 GHz), IR Band (infrared), and (in Europe) Ku bands.  The X, K, and Ka bands are microwave bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. The target object's speed is proportional to the difference in frequency between the outgoing and the reflected radio waves.


Many radar guns at once...


Although guns used for measurement are referred to as radar, technically they are not radar. The word radar is an acronym for Radio Detection And Ranging. The operative word there is ranging. True radar has the ability to accurately measure an object's range, as well as the object's heading and size, and then finally the object's speed. In short, true radar identifies the target's location. Think of airport radar with a screen displaying aircraft locations. Radar guns used in Dynamic Soaring do not identify the location of its target just speed.


Applied Concepts / Stalker
Founded in 1977, Applied Concepts, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Stalker Radar brand of radar, lidar, speed/message and radar sensors used throughout the world. Their units, marketed under the Stalker name, are undoubtedly the most innovative of recent years. They were the first with conventional manned radar guns (as opposed to automated photo radar) on the newer Ka band and they were the first to make the move from analog to digital circuitry. These two moves absolutely decimated the radar detector industry in the 1990s as radar detector makers struggled to deal with these new developments

Currently our fastest Gun the Stalker Pro II

Not only is the Stalker Pro II the first sports radar capable of simultaneously tracking objects moving both toward and away from the radar, it is capable of measuring speeds in excess of the speed of sound (up to 800 miles per hour or 1,287 KM/H). And the Pro II’s 10-millisecond acquisition time makes it ideal for virtually any type of sport, game, or activity that needs speed measurement. The Stalker II is also waterproof and its die-cast-metal case is smaller and lighter than most handhelds.

As you browse through speeds here on RCSpeeds you'll see a lot of the older speeds were recorded with the Stalker Pro or the Stalker ATS/ATR radars guns.  These guns are still usefull for speeds less than 300mph but they rarely acquire speeds over 300mph. Stalker rates this gun from 1 to 300mph.



Kustom Signals
Kustom Signals, Inc., headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, is a subsidiary of Public Safety Equipment, Inc., of St. Louis, Missouri. Dedicated to serving the public safety equipment needs of law enforcement since 1965, Kustom designs, manufactures and markets traffic speed radar, lidar, in-car video systems and mobile roadside speed monitoring trailers.

Currently The Most Used Gun For High Speeds the Falcon/Falcon DS


The Falcon is a new K-Band radar system design with revolutionary low-power Directional Technology. The Falcon HR offers the functionality and durability of the higher-end radar systems ... at a fraction of the cost. The Talon offers more choices in a compact radar that's versatile and easy to use.



The Bushnell Radar Guns are handy, multi-functional speed guns for all kinds of sports enthusiasts. Bushnell Speedster 2 Speed Gun tracks miles per hour of everything from pitching speeds, tennis serves and downhill skiers to cars on the racetrack. This Bushnell Radar Gun is extremely efficient at the fact that it measures the speed of a baseball at 10-110 mph from over 75 feet away and can measure the speed of a race car from 10-200 mph at over 1300 feet away. This radar gun features a highly legible 4-row LCD graphics display, trigger and 2-way button pad. The Bushnell Speedster II Speed Gun uses proven digital technology and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to provide instantaneous and real time speed measurements of +/- 1.0 mph speed accuracy.

This gun has a professional performance and affordable price. It can measure the speed of most planes up to 320mph with pinpoint accuracy! Tracks peak and continuous speeds. Great for sports, fund raising and speed analysis!

Note: Measured speeds well over 300mph but seems inconsistent with speeds over 250mph.



The Pocket Radar is a small cell phone sized radar gun that easily fits in your pocket.  Pocket Radar™ utilizes a Doppler radar signal sensing and processing system coupled with re-engineered microwave and antenna components to deliver powerful performance in a device compact enough to easily fit into a shirt pocket.
This is the world’s most compact speed radar device and provides users with industry leading accuracy and speed measurement in a device that is a tiny fraction of the size of traditional speed radar guns. Accurate to within 1 mile per hour, Pocket Radar™ is able to take 10,000 speed measurements using one set of AAA batteries.

This gun has performance and affordable price and can measure from 7 MPH to 375 MPH (11 KPH to 600 KPH)!

Note: The new gun on RCSpeeds and by far the most affordable has already measured speeds in excess of 250mph and within a few mph of other guns for the same flight.


Decatur Electronics
Decatur Electronics, Inc. began with entrepreneur Bryce K. Brown, a farmer who grew up in Hutchinson, Kansas. He attended Southwestern College in Winfield, studying math and physics and worked on the Manhattan Project during WWII, after which he became an educator at the university level, for 33 years. From 1946 to 1964, Mr. Brown taught at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois. Instead of pursuing a doctorate, he immersed himself in business. In 1955, Mr. Brown started Muniquip, making speed timers and soon branched out into radar. By 1963, the radar portion of Muniquip had an annual sales of over a million dollars.

Note: the Bushnell guns may have a small range for measuring the high speeds of Dynamic Soaring.


Phantom Sports Pro Radar Gun

The Sports Pro Handheld Radar Gun is an easy to use professional K Band, stationary radar gun for anyone to use. The unit is specially designed for use on the sports field, but the unit works great for almost any target, up to 294 MPH, or at slow speeds down to 1 MPH. The speed range of this gun is from 1 to 294 MPH, and is accurate to, and will display in, 1/10 (0.1) of a MPH. This gun can be used for many sports including; hockey, baseball, softball, tennis, racquet ball, lacrosse, golf, cycling, bowling, skeet shooting, go carting, boats, personal water craft, ATV racing, RC cars, boats, and planes, race cars, motorcycles, air planes, motor vehicles, and other moving objects.


Power / Sens Knob - to increase or decrease the range of the radar

The Sports Pro radar confirms the speed of the target to within +/- 1/10th MPH before it displays, no matter how weak or strong the signal at distances of up to 1 mile.


The speed range of this gun is from 1 to 294 MPH Too bad the range isn't a litte higer...

Even a BB from an air gun reads about 134 MPH with one pump, and about 220 MPH with two pumps. We know of NO other sports radar gun that can equal this performance! The Sports Pro has these typical ranges: 35 yards on a tennis ball, 125 yards for a golf ball, 1,200 yards for a standard American passenger car on a level road.

Speedgun Pro is the most advanced series of radars available. They can be used as handheld radars, or they can be mounted to a vehicle for moving use. For handheld use, the radar can be powered by the vehicle, or it can operate from internal rechargeable batteries, enclosed in the radar´s removable handle.

Speedgun Pro is small and lightweight, outperforming the competition in both categories. The radar can be ordered in stationary/moving and stationary-only versions.

 speed range: 15 to 200 mph